The import from the US is booming – speaking of US American automobiles, too. Meanwhile, there are many suppliers who sell US vehicles. When you decide to buy one, you should in particular be aware that the model provides all changings and TÜV certificates that are required to make the automobile eligible for driving on German streets.
If you want to tune your car, take care that the tuning supplies are appropriate to the German and not only to the US law. For example many Blowers that are allowed in the USA may be used for show purposes only in Germany and must not be used for normal driving because they protrude to far into the field of view. Therefore you should choose the autoparts for a US vehicle very carefully.

This also goes for wear parts like brake blocks, V-belts and toothed belts. Indeed there are already many garages that are specialized in working with US cars and order all needed autoparts from their own suppliers. But a skilled amateur mechanic might want to change parts himself and that way safe money on top of having fun doing handicrafts.
Finding the right parts for US vehicles – this may sound like a difficult task at first. But for popular models like the Dodge Nitro or qualitythe Chevrolet Camaro you can meanwhile get autoparts for reasonable prices also in Germany. Suppliers that are specialized on US automobiles usually have such parts in store and can deliver immediately. For original parts there is usually no expert opinion required, other than for tuning parts. But you should be aware that the autoparts offered are high quality.

In certain circumstances it can be more difficult to get autoparts for a vehicle that was involved in an accident. A complete engine is usually easier to replace than single parts for it. In this case you should also first contact a specialized supplier. Usually these have good connections and can order required parts for US automobiles in most cases if they do not have them in store.
To order required parts, you should be able to specify the brand and name of your vehicle, the year of construction, motor power and if possible the number of the original part (OEM). Car finish can usually be ordered as well if you want to varnish a small scratch. It is highly recommended to buy the car finish from a specialized supplier, too. Paint sticks that you can buy in German hardware stores for example are often not in accord with the colour of the car finish of US vehicles.
If the auto body is damaged, only by a small parking jostle or even by a rear end collision, you can usually also get body parts like car wings. However it is highly recommended to contact a specialist when you have a big damage like that or a large-scale scratch. Otherwise the car can possibly lose in value when autoparts were not built in professionally.

A very sensitive issue is the gear drive of US automobiles. Normally it is an automatic gearbox which can be easily damaged by using an unappropriate gearbox oil cooler or by incorrect handling. But in most cases you do not have to replace the complete gearbox. For the most part it is enough to exchange a few parts unless the housing is damaged. To prevent a damaged gear drive in the first place it is really important to choose appropriate and high quality autoparts, especially when choosing the oil cooler. When you love your vehicle you should say no to cheap imports also when buying other replacement parts.servi-parts

All in all, there are many things to keep in mind when buying autoparts for a US automobile. This also goes for a more frequent purchase - the tire. Speaking of this topic, you can already overlook a reason for shutdown when buying the car: That is to say that tires from the USA are not allowed in Germany without further ado – because of a different index of speed. In order to be allowed to drive series tires on US vehicles, they have to be registered in the vehicle registration document during a TÜV inspection.
And over the years the tires wear down - you need new ones. Before buying new tires, you should therefore check up if you are allowed to drive US tires at all. A look in the vehicle registration document will bring you clarity. But usually you can also buy appropriate tires from German manufacturers or at least from inside of Europe.

Therefore you should best always have the vehicle registration document at your fingertips before buying autoparts for your US vehicle.



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